Rivers and Roads

Transitions are funny.

Often, transitions make you pause and reflect on the memories and sensations that accompanied certain places or events. You remember, for example, the happiness of a well-earned triumph. You cringe, perhaps, at the memory of a failure. You swell with joy or sadness at the sound of a certain song. You appreciate places and cherish things. And you miss the people who rendered those places and things worthy of cherishing.

Graduation and the period between college and “the real world” is a well-documented, well-examined transition. Yet, this doesn’t lessen the sudden reality of it. For me, this transition has been a mix of many emotions (mostly hectic, as I have been planning and packing and vaccinating in preparation for these next nine months in Uganda). I have been anxious. I have been uncertain. Overall, it has been strange to watch my seemingly impermeable Union College bubble burst—to see friends move to opposite sides of the country and the world.

But it has also been exciting and encouraging to witness such a transition take place. I have friends doing incredible work and pursuing challenging jobs all over the globe. Here, in Uganda and at Engeye, there is immense opportunity for growth and development. Former Minerva fellows, Joe and Charlotte, for example, are currently raising money to implement a maternal ward at the Engeye health clinic (to learn more about their project click here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa40gs0dPoY ). There are projects underway. There are things to be done. And I am thrilled to get to know the Engeye community and become a part of this new development.

Additionally, as a fellow fellow and one of my closest friends, Emily, mentioned in her blog, we get to return to Union College next spring. As Minerva Fellows, we have the opportunity to come back to school and share our experiences. So, in a sense, this transition is slightly easier and less painful because we return—our Union experience is not entirely over.

For my senior dance project, I choreographed a piece to a song called “Rivers and Roads.” The song talks about this very transitional sentiment: moving away, the pain of parting with good friends, and the comfort of knowing that the strength of these relationships will surpass both time and distance.

And so, Rivers (well more like oceans) and Roads (lots of dirt ones),

Rivers and Roads,

till I see you again.

2 thoughts on “Rivers and Roads

  1. Cyndi Freeman

    Look forward to reading more. I loved how you made me feel the pains and excitements of transitions. Best.


  2. Hi Brianna, good to read your first post. Hope things are going well. Looking forward to hearing more.


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